Monchichi Potenciál, Erik Sumo DJ Szett

Monchichi Potenciál, Erik Sumo DJ Szett

Monchichi Potenciál, Erik Sumo DJ Szett
Thursday 19:30

Monchichi Potenciál, Erik Sumo DJ Szett

Monchichi Potenciál

Monchichi Potenciál, the first and only "trip-pop band" in the eastern region, was founded in Debrecen in 2003 on the occasion of an Amorf Ördögök remix competition and operated for five years, featuring musicians who would later pursue a national career, such as Gábor Subicz (Subtones, Modern Art Orchestra etc.), Ádám Mészáros (Erik Sumo, JÜ, Tariqa etc.) and Viktor Laskai (DJ SuperStereo).

The playful sound of the "monchichiks" was defined by the polyphonic female vocals, the special harmony of the trumpet and the flute, the characterful guitar playing and the grooves that wink at electronic music. to such emblematic Budapest playgrounds as the open space of the Petőfi Csarnok, the A38 Hajó, the legendary Almássy Téri Leisure Center or the Zöld Pardon, at one time they could even be heard in the industry as one of András Lovasi's favorite bands.

The band broke up in 2008, after which the members scattered around the world, and in 2023 they got together at the Made In Debrecen Festival for a twenty-minute concert. The success of the short performance motivated the creation of the 2024, three-stop mini-tour, whose stop in Budapest will be on the roof terrace of the A38.

Bicsánszky Panna - vocals, flute

Enikő Kerekes - vocals

Zsófia Szűcs - vocals

Jonah Pészer - drum

Ádám Mészár - guitar

Subicz Garbor - trumpet

István Subicz - keyboard instruments

András Süli - bass guitar

Erik Sumo DJ set

Erik Sumo, aka Ambrus Tövisházi, well-known from the Péterfy Bori & Love Band and his film scores, was present at several important moments in the career of Monchichi Potencíál: with the Amorf Ördögök remix competition, he greatly contributed to the formation of the band, several joint concerts took place, and then the Monchichi LP ( Sieszta Intensív) and EP (Só Bors Vágy) were both produced under the hand of music producer Ambrus. Thanks to its eclectic DJ set, we can expect an exciting and exotic atmosphere before and after the concert.

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