mïus, Lilly Among the Clouds (DE), Girls in Pearls (EE)

mïus, Lilly Among the Clouds (DE), Girls in Pearls (EE)

mïus, Lilly Among the Clouds (DE), Girls in Pearls (EE)
Saturday 20:00
Concert Hall

mïus, Lilly Among the Clouds (DE), Girls in Pearls (EE)

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Gergely Álmos, one of the most talented and ever-renewing producers from Hungary will host the premiere of his newest audio-visual show at A38 Ship by the collaboration of his musical alterego, mius along with Attaray Visual. While he also has an established appreciation by his works as a scene-designer in Hollywood, and also as an electronic mastermind, with his new programme mius will discover the verges of geometrical shapes, where the lights, formations and vibrations are essential in the microcosmos of the audiovisual electronic experience from the smoothest textures to mechanical techno beats. Featured with Dóra Hegyi (Ohnody) on vocals, this night will present the most interesting female singers from Europe with the presence of Lilly Among the Clouds, the next-big-thing in the sensitive German pop-music along with the most interesting Estonian electro-pop group, Girls in Pearls, formed by talented twins with beautiful voices.

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Mïus is a music project by Gergely Álmos based in Budapest. The third album Eigengrau was released via Berlin based label Sonar Kollektiv in April 2016. mïus is defined as a multi-art project wherein the different fields of self-expression meet each other.

For his first piece on Sonar Kollektiv the Hungarian multi-instrumentalist assembled a small armada of befriended musicians and singers and created together with them the eleven astonishing tracks of “Eigengrau”.

Mïus rounds out a fantastic summer with a new track Precious Moments ft. Dóri Hegyi on the Budapest Selected compilation due out in September. This track—which comes on the young label with five other Budapest based bands and producers— arrives ahead of a new mïus EP, Isola, which is due in Winter 2016. On this new piece Gergely Álmos worked with Rafal Skowroński together, singer from polish band Jóga.


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