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Mezzoforte (ISL) - 40 years anniversary tour, Mystical Plants

Mezzoforte, the hottest jazz-funk act from the land of geysers, celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. They'll be supported by Hungarian band Mystical Plants.


Mezzoforte (ISL)

Mezzoforte, the hottest jazz-funk act from the land of geysers, celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. Their fourth album, the 1983 Surprise Surprise, brought them international recognition, and the music from Iceland became popular first in Great Britain, and then across Europe. Thanks to the greatest hit from the record, Garden Party, Mezzoforte became, once and for all, synonymous with danceable, easy, funky jazz.

Modestly, the members put down their success to the fact that being isolated in Iceland gave them more time to polish the character of their own melodic world. Generations could grow up on these catchy melodies, which now can be heard at a thematic club concert on A38 Boat, which encompasses their entire career.

Members of the band:
Fridrik Karlsson - guitar
Johann Asmundsson - bass
Eythor Gunnarsson - keys
Gulli Briem - drums
Jonas Wall - sax
Koós-Hutás Áron - trumpet

Mystical Plants

Mystical Plants is an up and coming electro-funk band from Hungary.They were grounded 2000 as a duo(Béla Balázs :bass player,songwriter and producer and István Munkácsi: guitarist). Their admiration for modern jazz and funk sounds was the starting point, which combined their unique, tension-free, easygoing music. "Use your head" was the first release at Chameleon Records among many other international compilation-cd's. They continued as a trio when Bryant Goodman(vocals) joined the mystical forces. They smooth funk sound combined together with neo-soul and electric jazz vibes gives a familiar but recognizable sound which one can identify with. The first single "new world order" was played by radios and released on other compilations and the second single "head in the clouds" came out on 2 jazz compilation cd-s in 2011. They realized that the time to get a bigger popularity and pass their music to more and more people. so they started to build their live show with 2 other hungarian musicians(Róbert Rátkai: drums and Péter Nagy: Keyboards). With the new formation the band became frequent airplay by radio stations in Hungary, which has given a big kick start to their new album called "Good Life". While making the songs together their style has been given a fresh new funked up face what is easily discoverable in the new material. It's more energetic and vivid with a lots of disco and old school funk vibes what is blended with wicked synth sounds and of course Bryant's fat and smooth vocals. The album features a new hot tune ("love criminals") that features Judie Jay,a hidden vocal jewel from Budapest,Hungary. So as expected this is definitely a mystical music!!! Be advised to listen to or stream (MR2 Petőfi Radio) to hear the first release from the new album which is called "Gimme Sum"!!!

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