A38 Tetőterasz

A38 birthday: Mayberian Sanskülotts, Musica Moralia

One of the strangest, most original and most loveable bands that turned up during last years on the Hungarian scene, the Mayberian Sanskülotts will make a huge show with two great mate acts on the A38 Ship. 

Mayberian Sanskülotts


Musica Moralia

Musica Moralia is in its wholeness Éda Meggyesházi. A one-man show with dissected instruments that all know the story of how they have become the companion to experimental post-folk noise and silence. Whether it is the dulcimer or the piano, everything on stage speak for itself, eager to paint a personal story, and change with time. Musica Moralia is wholeness on a planet – might be Pluto with its heart facing us – that circles around listeners, and draws near when nobody listens. A witty, artful movement in space.

Being present for more than ten years in the musical scene of Hungary, Berlin, Rotterdam, started its journey on a two stringed guitar, facing the distant future with curiosity.


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