• Hiphop, Funk, Soul

Luxfunk Radio was launched in 2009. In 16 years, we have a lot of experiences behind us, but perhaps the most important thing is that while we tried to continuously improve, we also made people's days, evenings, and nights more beautiful. We fought for survival more than once, the highs and lows both strengthened our team and the loyal, persistent community. We are proud of the fact that the Luxfunkers, the real Funky faces, can still be counted on after 16 years in the same way as at the beginning.

Luxfunk Radio's Funky Party series is a year and a half younger than the radio itself, and it almost has a history: friendships, loves, marriages were born within this community. There are many people who go to these parties today as if they were in their thirties at the very first parties, where they met their love, and today they go to the Luxfunk Party in the evening with their child or children, as married people.

We are proud of our story and the stories of our students and guests, which we receive, read and listen to today, when you share with us how you found us, how Luxfunk became part of your everyday life, or how someone was pulled out of a mental crisis by we are just like that. We are proud of the Luxfunk community. On July 21, we will once again celebrate you, not ourselves.

You are Luxfunk: the real Funky faces.

Adult Funky fans party at the sessions of the largest Funky community in the country. At Luxfunk Parties, the 35-55 age group can get nostalgic for the Funk and Soul greats of the 70s and 80s, and the old school Hip-Hop and Rnb favorites of the 90s and the turn of the millennium. Luxfunk Radio DJs guarantee quality black music. DJ Taylor and DJ Deza from our 20-member disc jockey team will take care of the atmosphere for the 16th birthday party with a classic Funky style.

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