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Lalalar (TR), YeuX

Lalalar (TR), YeuX

Lalalar (TR), YeuX
Friday 20:30
Concert Hall

Lalalar (TR), YeuX

  • Electronic
  • Hiphop, Funk, Soul
  • World music, Folk



Psychedelic dark electronica, interwoven with Turkish folk music straight from Istanbul.

The Turkish trio Lalalar has songs with sultry themes that exude intense energy, which fills with Middle Eastern strings, hypnotic bass themes, strong guitar riffs and funk grooves, spiced up with melancholic vocal themes and sarcastic, darkly humorous lyrics.
Their work is inspired by bands such as Secret Chiefs 3, Rage Against The Machine, Neşet Ertaş, Pantera and Portishead, among others.

After the singles released in recent years, the time has come to present to us their first LP entitled Bi Cinnete Bakar, which was created with the fusion of their usual dark electronics, punk energy and Turkish folk samples.

Be the first to listen to the new album in live, see you at A38!


Playing psychedelic funk-rock, YeuX showed itself on the Hungarian live music scene for the first time in April 2022. They have also appeared as a support band for many foreign bands such as Dirty Sound Magnet (CH), VR Sex (USA), The Ballet Bombs (NL), Khan (AUS) and Tortuga (PL). They also appeared on the stage of A38, Turbina, Robot, Gödör and Három Holló, among others. The team is diverse not only in terms of music, but also in terms of their nationality. In addition to the Hungarian singer Zoltán Semegi and the guitarist Zsófi Kovács, the band includes the Australian-Spanish-Hungarian bassist Tibor Gede (Dennie Wander, AlithiA) and the French drummer Lancelot Carré (The Serial Chillers).
Their debut single "Walk The Night" as a precursor to the album to be released in 2023, was produced and recorded with the help of András Weil (Ivan & The Parazol, The Qualitons, ODD ID).

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