Marley 73 - Ladánybene 27 and friends: CéAnne, Mr.Roul NO (P), Hascu Bratosin (RO) and the Sin Seekas (SRB)

Early start!

A huge joy-festivity in the name of the greatest reggae musician, philosopher, rebel, it is the king of reggae featuring the very best of Hungarian reggae acts.

Concert realized with the support of the NKA and the Hangfoglaló Program

Ladánybene 27

Ladánybene 27 – or LB27 as quoted on the internatioanl scene – is Hungary’s number one reggae band. Formed back in 1985 they won a talent-contest in 1988 which brought them popuilarity. In 1990 they signed to PolyGram, and have been in the close up of the local scene and a recognized band in internatioanal terms at the same time since.

Their songs have become very popular, some of them real „reggae-hymns” and real hits, as the Rastafari or the Kell egy ház, a Natural Ites-remake. They gave more full-house gigs on the A38.

Tibor Bodnár - guitar
Zoltán Bokó - key
Bolla Gábor - trombone
Görög Dani - trumpet
István Hertelendi Rasta - bass guitar
Hurguly Attila - age
András Kálmán (Kálmi) - key
László M. Miksa - vocals
Ákos Pásztor (Pásti) - saxophone

CéAnne is the number one singer on the reggae scene in Hungary, who was previously featured on the two riddim albums of the LB27. Earlier she was the singer of the Zagastic, Dubaku Band and Mighty Fishers bands. Nowadays, she has her own acoustic program at festivals and clubs, when she accompanies herself on guitar and ukulele!

Mr.Roul NO is a permanent, honorary members of Ladánybene 27, a vocalist bringing true positive energy to the scene. On this evening he will not only support Bene with his vocals but also play a leading role in several songs.

Hascu Bratosin "Bratika" is also a permanent guest at Ladánybene's 27 major parties. His rhythm instruments add a true roots reggae sound!

Sin Seekas zenekar (RS)

Sin Seekas play in Reggae - Ska - Balkan groove style. The Hungarian audience is mostly familiar with their songs, so it'll be interesting to have this year their deefinition of Bob Marley songs!

Line up
Ujházi Tamás- Bass
Dienes Ákos - Drums
Szögi István - Trombone
Pósa Fanni - Horn
Sóti Juli - Vocal
Pintér Tamás - Guitar


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