Kistehén 15 - Pre-New Year's Eve Gig, guest: Mongoose Limit

Lunatic, funny, kicking and frantic ballads to rock'n'roll by the great dreamer of the immortal figure: the Little Cow.


The unique production of the Kistehén tánczenekar (Small Cow Dance Orchestra) could be described as a kind of wedding pop music or optimistic rock. Very different styles mix in their sound with a refined taste: ska, rock, pop, underground, gipsy music, reggae, Balcan reeds, African rhythms and modern dance music. Their funny lyrics are simple and interesting at the same time. Their concerts are full of happiness, humour, special East-European characterand very good mood. They are a real party band, that bursts with positive energy.

Line up:
Kollár-Klemencz László - guitar
Kollár-Klemencz Gergő - keyboards
Bujdosó János - guitar
Schvéger Zoltán - drums
Vajdovich Árpád - bass guitar
Hárságyi Péter - drums

Mongoose Limit (HU)

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