Kaltenecker-Markó, Substones

Kaltenecker-Markó, Substones

Kaltenecker-Markó, Substones
Thursday 19:30

Kaltenecker-Markó, Substones

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Kaltenecker - Markó


Zsolt Kaltenecker and Ádám Markó are the defining figures of Hungarian music life. Their duo project invites listeners on a special musical journey: from modern jazz to progressive genres to electronic music, many styles are evoked completely live, on keyboard instruments and drums. Thanks to their dynamic development, in recent years they have performed at countless foreign and domestic festivals and clubs and entered the European jazz scene.


Subtones has become a favorite concert band on the domestic jazz-pop stage in just a few years with its song-oriented compositions that cross genre boundaries. In order to be able to connect even more directly with the Hungarian audience, their album 'Lángolj', nominated for this year's Phonogram award, features exclusively Hungarian songs, the lyrics of which were written by Mátyás Szepesi and Péter Závada in addition to the members of the band.

Founded in 2019 by trumpeter Gábor Subicz, Subtones is one of Hungary's most exciting supergroups. The arrival of female singers Jónás Vera and Flóra Kiss steered the band in the direction of more vocal forms, so much so that they finished in second place in the finals of the 2022 show A Dal. "Right at the beginning, when this line-up was born, it became obvious to me that it was not driven by the desire to communicate. I want to make music with Subtones that is good for me to listen to. It is often asked whether the Subtones' music is jazz. For me, jazz is a mindset: you have to leave as many possibilities as possible, you shouldn't leave room for making music out of habit. I love when I don't know what the others are going to play, and my favorite moments are when we kick the chair out from under us. Our music is made up of many different elements, we perform on quite a variety of stages, from TV studios to jazz clubs to roaring festivals. I feel that our music has its place everywhere. We want to get closer to the audience with the Hungarian lyrics. I feel that in the domestic environment, the English text is a bit of a hiding, wearing a mask. In our own mother tongue, the effect is much more immediate, the song flies directly into the listener's ears," says Gábor Subicz, band leader and mastermind of Subtones.

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