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Juhász Tomi Vaklárma, Éva Presszó

Tomi Juhász started as a Beatles-fan just to set up one of the happiest and most original bands in Budapest on the young pop scene. The support act Éva Presszó band plays also great songs that would be cheered by Lennon too.  

Juhász Tomi Vaklárma


Juhász Tomi was known as a member of Davies Korner band and as a coauthor and character of the bestseller titled Szegény anyám ha látnám – My poor Mother if I could see her. In April 2015 He started his solo projekt, whose title is Juhász Tomi – Vaklárma – Blank noise. He has participated in many important projekt since then. He has worked with Nézőművészeti – Art of Audience  -  (KFT) Ltd. in their performance with its title Vakság -Blindness. He played on 12 hours’ concert series of National Minimum he contributed to Integration Project’s musical clip Átértékeled? - Revaluate of Belga band. Fekete „Jammal” János - from the Acoustic Loops - played in his introducing album titled Profil among other famous musicians.
The album was elected to be one among the top ten alternative albums of 2015 by ldkritika.hu.

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