A38 Pesti Est 25 Tetőterasz

Jetlag, SirVive

JΞTLAG brings in its elektropop the impressions of the Budapest night, festival flashes and great lyric feelings.   Their support will be a kicking band from Pécs: the Sirvive. 



Originally, the band from Pécs called SirVive was formed in 2008. The 2-piece band made their first music video for Can’t Stop in 2013. This video was produced by Péter Puskás from the crew BigO Creative Studio who has also made music videos for himself, the Biebers and Carbovaris as well. The song was recorded at the Silverhill Studio and the duo worked with the famous record producer Arnold Vígh. The same year they appeared in the hungarian X Factor and left the show before Judge’s Houses. Last years, the group played many concerts in the capital and in the country as well included the Pulzus talent show. After that they had an opportunity to release their own video blog on Mosaic Online.

In terms of style, SirVive has combined Rock and Hip/Hop with modern Electronic Dance Music to make a characteristic and modern sounding which guarantee to leave a lasting impression. Particularly, it’s also true for their power of live performances because the unconventional 2-piece lineup contrarily makes a musical complexity and some kind of contrast which impossible to pass wordlessly regardless of gender and age.

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