A38 Akadémia - iamyank - Dolby Atmos live mix

A38 Akadémia - iamyank - Dolby Atmos live mix

A38 Akadémia - iamyank - Dolby Atmos live mix
Sunday 19:00
Concert Hall

A38 Akadémia - iamyank - Dolby Atmos live mix

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First in Hungary, live dolby atmos live mix on A38! For this occasion, we will install a 7.1.4 dolby atmos system in the concert hall, where imyank's elementary live performance will be heard from all directions of the square.

More details about the Academy and the program: www.akademia.a38.hu



Ebony-pearl apocalypse: iamyank is an outstanding artist and producer, always has an unexpected turn, from electronica through classical and post-metal to dark cinematic noise-ambient.

“Vangelis-goes-goth” – Under the Radar UK

“Blast beats, crushing bass and surging electronics with no let up. Perfect noise showing what heavy music can be in an experimental sense.”  Under the Radar UK

“This heaviness suppresses the breating” f21.hu

“half an hour of micro-miracle” – Telekom Electronic Beats

“there’s no instrument he cannot play, he’s an extraordinary composer” – KERET

“One of the fastest emerging composer-producer” – HVG.hu

After 10 years of drumming in ska bands he decided to study music producing at the best electronic music focused school, imPro, nowadays iamyank is the lead teacher of the school. After some DJ sets and remixes he released his first EP in 2013 (Cold Summer), then another in 2014 (City of Nobody) which brought him success quickly. His third EP from 2015 ‘Lost Sounds‘ had been released in an exceptional and unique way: packed with an adventure game titled ‘Adventures of Poco Eco‘ which won several international awards for the game and for the music too.

Hiraeth, his first full length album, was released in 2016. This was a big milestone in his career, and he already was toying with ambient. To promote this album and push it to its boundaries he started to play live with a 3-piece band. They played at all major music festivals in Hungary and toured in Poland. Soon he had been asked to compose the anthem of Valley of Arts festival with Veronika Harcsa, a world famous jazz singer, also he was asked to compose for a large ensemble on the main stage. This led to playing at the Palace of Arts in Budapest, he shared the stage with Lubomyr Melnyk and recorded a live piano and strings album at CAFe Budapest festival in 2019. He had a song in HBO’s Aranyélet series, composed the end title for HBO’s Besúgó series, and wrote the original score for Cristina Grosan’s Things Worth Weeping For.

2021 had been started with a very unique album ‘Una Notte‘, an improvised piano play form the famous Klavins Piano Manufacture as a farewell from the place. He recorded and released a Live Ensemble album, Sarah in June. But after this, surely, a completely different, dark, post-metal turn came: under the name of All Machines Will Fail with Mátyás Mohácsi (bass) and Máté Kocsis (drums) they recorded And We.

His second full length solo album Láttam a jövőt meghalni had been released in November 2022. It is a heavy and heavenly solo album, with notes of dark cinematic noisy ambient. The live performance embraces two full drum sets with amazing drummers, to make sure the sounds will fill in any venues from corner to corner, and interweaves with intense light show and absorbing visuals. You’ll see the future dying, but we’ll all feel deeply alive. 

This album had great success at MENT Ljubljana, had several audiovisual performances, e.g. INOTA Festival and soon Vision of Sound London. 



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