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I Love You Honey Bunny (CZ), The Microwaves, 4Bards

I Love You Honey Bunny (CZ), The Microwaves, 4Bards

I Love You Honey Bunny (CZ), The Microwaves, 4Bards
Wednesday 18:45

I Love You Honey Bunny (CZ), The Microwaves, 4Bards

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I Love You Honey Bunny

The still brazenly young group released their debut album in the fall of 2018, with which they immediately drew the attention of critics, concert organizers and the public. They suddenly found themselves on the stages of the most famous Czech festivals featuring world stars (Rock For People, Colors of Ostrava), and even warmed up the stage before the alt-J concert, for example. They are often referred to as "the young Eastern European Arctic Monkeys", which is no coincidence, as they experiment with their melodic, guitar-centric, energetic songs just as bravely as Alex Turner does. In their lyrics, they often discuss important social and political topics of their generation, and this is no different on the upcoming album "Lose Control".

INTERVIEW AT ROCKSTAR.HU: https://www.rockstar.hu/hirek/mi-stilusos-parkournak-hivjuk-i-love-you-honey-bunny-interju-a-rockstar-on

The Microwaves

Intense feelings pervade the danceable indie tunes. Quick transitions between pleasant melodies and neck-breaking breakdowns. Joyful ballads, punk anthems and chaotic stories are brought to the stage by The Microwaves, a new British-rock band from Budapest. Launched in 2020, The Microwaves quickly gained momentum and played in Budapest's most iconic clubs. Their first singles and debut EP were released just one year later. The premiere of 'Center of Attention' at the Aquarium was just the beginning. In the same year, they played at A38, the Valley of the Arts, and even at the Sziget Festival, and now they are ready to switch... the first songs in Hungarian will be coming soon.

4 Bards

4Bards is a band. There are four of them and they sing - hence the name:

4 Bards. There are two songwriters in the team, and their music is also bipolar. On the one hand, he is a biblical studies minor social media manager who focuses on the text, and on the other hand, he is a composer with a master's degree at the Academy of Music. Once a dear friend of theirs described their music as "eclectic". Since then, when in different situations, different people want to hear the name of the genre in order to put the 4Bards' songs in their head without having listened to them, they answer: eclectic rock'n'roll. 2018- they named their first single after their friend, Deboröl. They believe that it had to start like this, that they couldn't have started any other way - just like this. Two years later, the bards released another single, the three songs of which - in one way or another - are about love. Well, about queues, wine, Ferris wheels in Pest and Buda, burnt-out 40s sub-terraces at Orf, and the fact that from here it seems: "you can't live on love". The year 2022 hid in it hits that fill gaps, but also completely new songs, which 2023 The Vegán Sexshop album, released in February, includes a colorful bunch of songs. "Come with a watchful, patient ear, help, and what's broken here will be whole."

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