Henri Gonzo, Fabergé Falls (FR), Blank and The Nothing (CZ)

Henri Gonzo, Fabergé Falls (FR), Blank and The Nothing (CZ)

Henri Gonzo, Fabergé Falls (FR), Blank and The Nothing (CZ)
Saturday 20:00
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Henri Gonzo, Fabergé Falls (FR), Blank and The Nothing (CZ)

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Henry Gonzo

Henri Gonzo is a multi-instrumentalist musician who became known above all as the frontman of Fran Palermo. A versatile talent who is at home in many art forms, he also works as a film composer, in addition to organizing festivals and his graphic works can also be seen. This time, as a singer-songwriter, he enchants the ship's audience with his own compositions.


Fabergé Falls

Band absolutely not influenced by Tame Impala, Fabergé Falls gathered around a Kevin Parker sosie in 2021.

On a more serious note, they’re a psychedelic rock band from Paris.

On stage, there’s a high probability that they’ll be dressed with kimonos or beach towels, that the singer will be wearing flip-flops and the bassist sunglasses because he already strongly believes he’s a rockstar (yes, you read well, the bassist).

Their setlist is a mix of groovy and trippy moments, with loads of synths waves, drums breaks and guitar solos. The pianist’s grandma said that she could even dance a slow set to their song “Those Heights”.

They also released a first single, Nothing Tastes The Same, with a music video that you’ll find on every platform. Please do not show it to your kids. And jeez, don’t let them say your hair’s too long.


Blank and the Nothing

BATN is an alternative rock band heavily influenced by rock acts from the 1970s, 80s and 90s. The band is particularly notable for its distinct vocal style, similar to the vocal harmonization used by Alice In Chains.

Formed in 2021 in Prague, the Czech Republic, BATN hails from the United States, Germany, Russia and Turkey. It is a truly international act, still retaining the Bohemian spirit.

BATN is prolific for its lively performances that are coupled with a non-pretentious attitude as a live act. For example, the guys wear street clothes but are technically proficient in their instruments – and they show it.

BATN’s set list is a mixture of pop rock anthems and depressing descents to the darkest places in the human imagination. One word to describe BATN’s music and performance is “intense.”
The band has released a single, “I Can’t Let You Go” and is supporting its debut EP Oblivion which will be released on August 6, 2022.


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