Guts (FR), Bosq (USA), Captain Planet (USA)

Guts (FR), Bosq (USA), Captain Planet (USA)

Guts (FR), Bosq (USA), Captain Planet (USA)
Saturday 23:00

Guts (FR), Bosq (USA), Captain Planet (USA)

  • Electronic
  • Hiphop, Funk, Soul
  • Reggae

GUTS presents “ We Fight For The Vibes “ with BOSQ and CAPTAIN PLANET

Delighted to welcome back one of our absolute favourite producers for a late night shakedown !

“WE FIGHT FOR THE VIBES” is a unique night and one-off tour devised by the man himself !

Bringing fresh Atlantic vibes to his decks with BOSQ, who excels from Boston in disco-funk jams inspired by Afrobeat and Latin groove and CAPTAIN PLANET, Renaissance man and purveyor of Gumbo Funk whose sound lies somewhere between Brooklyn, Brazil, Cuba, New Orleans and the Congo.

GUTS has felt many grooves in an almost-30-year career. From his key role as a producer for French hip-hop hitmakers Alliance Ethnik in the ‘90s – Respect! – to his 100% “Pura Vida” compilations mischievously playfully Beach Diggin’, besides many collaborations in the most funky circles of hip-hop (De La Soul, Common, Raggasonic, Svinkels, Les Sages Poètes De La Rue, and even The Roots’ Rahzel), and six albums under his own name, the producer is a true philanthropist when it comes to the tropical regions’ cultures, particularly the Caribbean and Africa.

Fueled by an early love of Hip-Hop music, Charlie B. Wilder (the masked man behind Captain Planet) began DJ-ing and making beats on a Tascam 4-track in his teens. He soon developed an obsession with vinyl records and digging for samples which led to an expanded appreciation of Reggae, Latin and African music as well as a curiosity for other styles from around the world.

Benjamin Woods, creating under the name Bosq, has been tirelessly exploring the intersections of Afro-Latin music with Disco, Funk, Reggae, House and Hip Hop for years.


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