Gorg & Benzol, K-Moringa, Nublao

Gorg & Benzol, K-Moringa, Nublao

Gorg & Benzol, K-Moringa, Nublao
Sunday 19:00
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Gorg & Benzol, K-Moringa, Nublao

  • Electronic
  • Hiphop, Funk, Soul
  • Rock

Gorg & Benzol


"Gorg & Benzol - if you were wondering what the name means, you won't find out. Now that we started the introduction with a dramatic kick and we hope to satisfy all your curiosity, we will share some facts about ourselves. The first sentence was a lie. The name means which the three of us do together. We already told you about our concept in an interview, but it doesn't hurt to put it in writing. The point is that if you think you're at a relaxed light music, even extremely inclusive fusion-jazz concert, you're probably not at ours If, on the other hand, it turns out that it's at our concert, then some kind of music theory horror will happen, which may not be very kind to the soul, or it will simply turn into all techno, or Latin, or something completely inappropriate. We have some stomach-turning songs and some very beautiful lovers too. We want people to feel strange, sometimes we succumb to temptation and are pleasant, sometimes not. In love songs, and octafuzz became a basic requirement. The exciting thing about it all is that we never know where we're going, but we always get there in the end, at least. It would be difficult to list our professional successes, because there really aren't any. He was once at a concert where there were at least 8 people. There was also a time when we fell into a ditch with the car. We would like to say that going to a concert is a great experience, but somehow something surreal always happens. We can say for sure that at first they don't know where to put this, people then realize that techno is almost techno even if it is played with a guitar, then dances.

After a lot of work, our first album will be released in the spring, on which we will play, among other things."


Founded in the fall of 2021, its members are: Péterfy Kinga - songwriter, singer, jazz and blues singer, producer and singer of the electronic music formation Indigo Theory, Ádám Kocska - guitarist, bassist, Magor Mészáros - drummer, Nedvig Balambér - guitarist

The idea of founding the band started with Kinga, whose biggest dream after a long career in jazz, blues and electronic music was to release an independent album in Hungarian. He started preparations for this 10 years ago, and events accelerated in the spring of 2021.

Kinga's love was diagnosed with an incurable disease. Unfortunately, after half a year of hope, struggle and uncertainty, the disease won. During this time, Kinga nursed and supported her with all her might, but she was left alone with her feelings and pain. Music was the only way he could escape, which is how the album's songs were born, which he composed on his guitar.

Kinga showed the songs to several musicians and producers, including Bálint Bakonyi, who is himself a brilliant musician, producer and sound engineer. He entrusted Bálin with founding a band, and then introduced him to the extremely versatile and talented Ádám Kocska.

Ádám immediately fell in love with the songs and breathed a whole new life into the compositions with his fantastic orchestration and guitar playing.

Also recommended by Bálint was Magor Mészáros, the young and impressively talented drummer who strengthened the production in the rhythm section.

Finally, they were joined by Nedvig Balambér, who, as the youngest member of the group, made the sound really special and unique with his age-defying virtuoso guitar solos.

Their style includes several musical trends, including alternative pop, jazz, blues, soft rock, drum&bass and Hungarian folk music. Musical experimentation is considered very important.



Electronic ambient, chill and self-proclaimed jazz that creeps into the pipe smoke, passes through the lungs and turns into oxygen. He creates movement, change, and musical geometries in fabrics created mostly by improvisation, which then throws himself into unexpected but reassuring turns.

Musical creative workshop, brother-pair quartet, in which Ponkie (Márton Pongor) and Appon (András Pongor) cooperate with the Kormos brothers (Balázz Kormos and Bálint Kormos-Mayer) coming from the former KisHerceg formation, rooms, serious music and creative spaces. The overall picture: musical painting, synaesthesia, in which there are no patterns created by the text, only the graceful refinement of the musical spatial geometry, which sometimes takes on a human shape. Their first track, Moving, was released in the spring of 2019, followed by Ants in Christmas 2019, for which Zsófi Csánki made the music videos. In 2020, out of 119 bands, NUBLAO was selected for the talent management program of Szimpla Lemming, the recording of the concert is available here. In 2022, Ripple c. released a debut LP, which was presented at Három Hollo and can now be listened to on all streaming sites. After the debut album, the band is looking for opportunities in the musical space. He will also be working on a new look.

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