Gidge (SE), Reykjanes (PL), Awe Kid live set (D)

Gidge (SE), Reykjanes (PL), Awe Kid live set (D)

Gidge (SE), Reykjanes (PL), Awe Kid live set (D)
Thursday 20:00
Concert Hall

Gidge (SE), Reykjanes (PL), Awe Kid live set (D)

  • Electronic
  • Pop


Gidge, the duo consisting of Jonatan Nilsson and Ludvig Stolterman, is rooted in the city of Umeå, Sweden. Their electronic music is shaped byfield-recordings of nature and is both comfortable on the dance floor and in a more relaxing environment. Each and every Gidge track creates its own sense of atmosphere and emotion. Their work evolves naturally, often building to powerful peaks from a silent break that is tweaked with vocalsamples and neo-classical influences.

While being adored for the inspiration that is drawn from the forest, nature, and the north of Sweden, the music of Gidge has in fact been ofan absolute international caliber and is listened to by people from all overthe world. Gidge sold out club-tour shows in London, Amsterdam, Paris,and Stockholm, and played their live-set to crowds on festivals in Mexico,Georgia, Turkey, and Thailand. Blogs such as Pigeons & Planes, A CloserListen, and Ransom Note wrote about their music - Pitchfork stafferschose Gidge amongst their favorite artists to listen to on snowy days -XLR8R readers voted Gidge to the #1 spot of ‘best new electronic act’ in2015 - Bandcamp highlighted “LNLNN” as ‘album of the day’ in 2017. The list goes on...

The Gidge discography includes the album “Autumn Bells”, short-film“Lulin” (in collaboration with Lampray), mini-album “LNLNN”, and debutEP “For Seoul”. November 6th of 2021 sew the release of their latest album "New Light”, which was also received to critical acclaim.

Reykjanes (PL)

Reykjanes is the project of singer, pianist and harpist Hania Stoszek, in which guitarist Jan Gałosz and graphic artist Ola Bylica also participate. The band creates minimalist, spatial music. In his compositions, classical music,
ambient and jazz are mixed. They are in the business of creating mirages that mesmerize the viewer.


Awe Kid live set (D)

Awe Kid is an alias of Sine Language Records co-founder Rick Parsons. It is the product of years spent exploring a multitude of different music. From early days in post-hardcore groups and on to a love of 90s Warp, electronic jazz and more experimental niches, the multi-instrumentalist has now settled on his own unique fusion of breaks, ambient and left-field dance music. This deft studio wizard mixes up melodic nostalgia with forward-thinking sound design using whatever he can get his hands on, from analog and modular hardware, to samplers, field recordings to digital techniques.

Says Parsons, “I love working with digital processes because you get these unexpected moments where you dial something in, that somehow takes on a tangible, organic form in the real world. Searching for these sweet spots was the motivation for the album, contrasting natural textures against synthetic elements, and finding ways to create something that feels like it exists outside of the computer.”


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