Wavy 06 Industry

Wavy 06 Industry

Wavy 06 Industry
Friday 23:30
Concert Hall

Wavy 06 Industry

  • Electronic

We recently went north with a couple of industry buddies, and leaving the city behind, we descended into the far corners of our minds for 5 magical days to write the first Hungarian bilingual album, Babel.

In the meantime, buddies became friends, and thoughts became tracks.

This year, it is not certain that we will be completely finished with the entire album, but we will hack a few songs and a feat for you on Dec. 2, so that the teasers can spin in the Posse set.

Thank you all for this year, it was one of the craziest lo and slo ever with the best people!

Thanks to everyone who helped along the way!

One love and don't forget to


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