Akusztik Tv Show

Follow the flow Acoustic

Follow The Flow TV-Recording in the Renewed Acoustics Serie at the A38 Ship Concert Hall! You can take part in a limited-capacity TV recording in order of registration which is free. All you have to do is to indicate your will to participate. We ask you to arrive half an hour before the start, so everyone can take their seats in time.

Follow the Flow is a formation created by Fura Csé and BLR, who has already been known for recognition in the hip-hop sphere of Hungary. The band is a thrilling and cool spot for Hungarian music, with the guys singing with Simon Boglárka, who is also known as the Budapest Operetta Theater, will bring better songs. Their most famous number, the "I Do not Answer" video released in the summer of 2016, was more than one and a half million times interesting, and the audiences were listening to the radio on countless occasions.

By entering the A38 Ship visitors consent to being filmed which may be used for public broadcast or promotional purposes. See our Rules & Policies.