Akusztik Tv Show

Pál Dénes

Dénes Pál TV-Recording in the Renewed Acoustics Serie at the A38 Ship Concert Hall! You can take part in a limited-capacity TV recording in order of registration which is free. All you have to do is to indicate your will to participate. We ask you to arrive half an hour before the start, so everyone can take their seats in time.

Dénes Pál is the winner of several television sound and song competitions, a favorite of the audience. Each year he has more than 100 concerts, often occasionally performed by thousands of people, with more and more events with an acoustic accompaniment or full orchestra.

Within the M2 Akusztik, he gives his audience a show on the A38 stage, with an orchestra enpanded by a string quartet. Along with the evergreen festivals, Dénes' own songs and big favorites are also to be found on the show.

By entering the A38 Ship visitors consent to being filmed which may be used for public broadcast or promotional purposes. See our Rules & Policies.