Pesti Estek

Elefánt album-release double gig, Jurij

True Budapest underground lyrics, beats, sounds and stories by a great band, that could be the Hungarian Tiger Lyllies.



Jurij was formed in 2001, in the Eastern Hungarian city of Nyíregyháza. After four LPs and an EP, an independent record label, MamaZone released their fifth album, Kitartás! I love you (Hang on! I love you) in the spring of 2010, which was highly acclaimed by critics and fans in Hungary, and of which Táncolsz és élvezed, L.A. and Kék a pólóm are frequently broadcast on various radio stations around the country.

After the early years of being a typical local band, the world started to open up for them in 2007, when they released Mindenki más (Everyone else), an EP finding its way into the Hungarian music media, and into MR2 radio, Hungary’s number one national alternative radio. Jurij won the studio time on a talent competition organized by the popular Hungarian news portal, and the band surprised 1900 fans by distributing the CD among them for free. From November 2007, the band took the EP on tour in Hungary, many times opening for 30Y, one of the top Hungarian alternative bands. Since 2007, Jurij has been on the road almost constantly, playing at least 40-45 concerts every year.

They have played at almost all of the greatest clubs, universities and festivals of Hungary, such as the A38 Ship, Zöld Pardon, Gödör club, JATE club in Szeged, Lovarda in Debrecen, Sziget festival, Azfeszt main stage, Fezen club and festival, while they played the main stages of EFOTT, Hegyalja and Szeged Ifjúsági Napok (sharing the stage with performers such as Macy Gray, Chicane, Europe, The Rasmus, Sugababes, Mastodon, and Pennywise), and were stage headliners at Campus festival in 2009.

Jurij celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2011 with a new video for the song Táncolsz és élvezed, with special shows in their hometown Nyíregyháza, in Debrecen, and in Budapest, and an EP titled Se Se Is (Nor, Nor, Too), released only on the Internet and made available for free.

In March 2013, the band was invited to London to play a show and build connections, while in September they played at Berlin’s Festival of Nations. Currently, they are working on their sixth album, which they will release in the fall of 2014.

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