ék  The Pontiac

ék The Pontiac

ék  The Pontiac
Thursday 19:30

ék The Pontiac

An evening with primordial energy: a twisting ék and throbbing The Pontiac together make this evening crazy on the roof terrace.


Imagine what it might be like to float weightlessly in the twilight in the middle of a forest. The feeling when you realize how small you are standing next to the biggest mountains in the world. The taste of the morning beer after he has stepped out of your life. Standing next to roaring speakers to listen to people's heartbeat ... Loud and provocative, quiet and withdrawn. This is the ék.

The Pontiac

A classic pop-rock sound that all we say is wow my brother, it’s so much America. It’s not Donald Trump’s, aggressive, arrogant, world-wide, sweeping, spitting, stuffing plastic burgers America, but the pleasant, steak-eating, cowboy-hat America we often know as the equivalent concept of country, freedom.

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