ék, Voodoo Papa Duo

ék, Voodoo Papa Duo

ék, Voodoo Papa Duo
Friday 20:00

ék, Voodoo Papa Duo

  • Rock

Powerful, dream-like, top quality rock music for travelling, deaming and dancing by ék band.  They'll be supported by the franticly exciting and entertaining Voodoo papa Duo.


Voodoo Papa Duo

Voodoo Papa Duo is the orchestral sounding, high-energy formation of two multi-instrumentalist friends. Zsigmond Szert (Ex Paganza, Cabaret Medrano, Ütött-Kopott Angyal, Stukker) plays the harmonica and minimal drums, Pál Fejér Simon (Ex Deák Bill Blues Band, Ütött-Kopott Angyal, Veronaki) plays the acoustic and electric guitars and sings.

The unique world of Voodoo Papa is formed from the common past of the two musicians. During the school years of the legendary Music Studio of Kőbánya (Kőbányai Zenei Stúdió), their friendship evolved into a meaningful creative process, and folk music also received an important role in the musicians' lives beside blues. The magic of Voodoo Papa lies not only in their musical variety but also in their lyrics – the poetic, yet down-to-earth mentality reflects the perspectives, emotions and everyday problems of modern people – they address people and sing about people and their life situations. The duo play their own melodious compositions in Hungarian as well as the Rhythm&Blues delicacies of the 60's and 70's.


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  • aurevoir, Voodoo Papa Duo

    18 January 2018


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