düBel + Nearnia visual, guest: László Hegedűs

düBel + Nearnia visual, guest: László Hegedűs

düBel + Nearnia visual, guest: László Hegedűs
Friday 20:30
orr stúdió

düBel + Nearnia visual, guest: László Hegedűs

  • Electronic
  • Hiphop, Funk, Soul
  • Rock

DüBel gives its first public concert playing progressive space disco, hybrid post-rock, new wave punk soaked in electro-sauce. It combines transient, instrumental and melodic musical elements. The vocal parts of the repertoire and the danceable, laid-back musical moments are interspersed with more serious, complex progressive themes.

The orchestration is unusual:

Effected, sometimes polyphonic vocals - ROSE OF THE VIOLIN

Keyboard level, sampler - JOÓ IMRE

NS / stick (eight-string hybrid tapping instrument - JÁNOS-SEKI HEGEDÜS.


Adaptations of literary pieces (poems by Weöres, Blake, Vonnegut) are also included in the Hungarian, English and French lyrics.

The members of the ensemble may be known from other formations:

Rozi - GDR

Henrik - Vojasa, Summer Freeze.

Seki - One and a half, Myster Möbius.

The production is painted and complemented by the visual, thematic work of Nearnia x Burning Bulbs composed for the music of düBel, tailored to the special space of the A38 Nose Bar.


The evening will be opened by LÁSZLÓ HEGEDŐS 'unique, sensitive and virtuoso polyphonic bass soloist.

Out of the mud of the current music drifting in the night of Pest, a prominent Piaf sings on the back of Blake Tigris, with Vonnegut laughing sadly in the background. Waiting for the train. The machine goes, the machine goes, the wheel runs on the rail ..

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orr stúdió