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Ganxsta Zolee does not need to be introduced to anyone today. The country's most notorious teller, who founded the Ganxsta Zolee and Kartel band in 1995, has been present in domestic public life ever since. The name of his musician Vilkó Takács is also familiar to many, as it is known mainly as the Ganxsta Zolee and the Cartel guitarist, but the Nirvana Tribute band Lugosi, as well as the countless themed, one -piece guitar night. From here came the idea for the "two devils" to get together and create, so the Dos Diavolos acoustic duo started in 2019, and this year they finally saw the time to show their first common album, which was directed straight from the swamp.

What can viewers expect at the concert? For real southern blues with two acoustic guitars, alligators, unadulterated, steaming mood. "Here in the marsh way is Turkish, I come straight from the swamp"

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