Doggos, Castilho (PT)

Doggos, Castilho (PT)

Doggos, Castilho (PT)
Wednesday 20:00
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Doggos, Castilho (PT)



Doggos was formed at the end of 2017 and effortlessly navigates between pop, indie, and glam-rock. Anything can happen at their concerts, ranging from tight garage riffs to lengthy, kitschy power ballads. The Pécs-based band first gained attention through the KERET blog's talent competition 'Kikeltető.' Since then, they have performed at various festivals, including Ördögkatlan, Művészetek Völgye, Pécsi Egyetemi Napok, Fekete Zaj, and Kolorádó. They have also shared the stage with bands like Esti Kornél, Bohemian Betyárs, Margaret Island, and Ricsárdgír, and have earned three “Klipszemle” nominations and one award.

In 2022, Doggos became part of the Hangfoglaló Program's emerging band sub-program. Within this framework, they released their first Hungarian-language song titled "Hozzám van szerencséd". The music video for this song was followed by the release of their second Hungarian single and video ‘Klór’ and then a full EP in 2023, called ‘Agymasszázs’.

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Castilho is the moniker of Pedro Castilho, synth player and backing vocalist of psychedelic rock band Savanna. Having emerged late 2017 with softer more melancholic sounding debut single 'Come Back' to critical acclaim in his native Portugal, he has released his second song 'Moving Fast, Moving Slow' late 2018 and his third track 'Lucky Ones' in the summer of 2019, which captivate the attention of international musical curators.

'The Wind Blows', fourth single from 2020, won the Novos Talentos Fnac award and opened the doors for his first show at Lisbon's Coliseu dos Recreios.

These singles, along with two upbeat numbers in 'Numbers' and 'Looking for Ways', form the foundation for his debut album, Today we'll be the lucky ones, released by the american label Pitch & Prose and the portuguese pontiaq. The nine-song collection is a shape-shifting synth pop gem, featuring richly textured synths and guitars, breezy vocals, tasteful dashes of psychedelia and an upbeat disposition courtesy of frontman Pedro Castilho. 

After supporting the fourth European tour of The Lemon Lovers that gave him the opportunity to play in France, Luxembourg, among other countries, he's been presenting "Today we'll be the lucky ones" since July by himself and now he's readying his first winter Euro Tour.

Concert realized with the support of the LivEurope.

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