Pesti Estek: DLRM  - Suckerpunch album-release, IFI

Pesti Estek: DLRM - Suckerpunch album-release, IFI

Pesti Estek: DLRM  - Suckerpunch album-release, IFI
Wednesday 20:00
Concert Hall

Pesti Estek: DLRM - Suckerpunch album-release, IFI

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Zúzós gypsindie, alternatív zsírrock avagy acéldög dallampunk: teljesen mindegy minek nevezzük a friss de máris érettnek és tapasztaltnak mondható DLRM-ot és zenéjét, egy a lényeg: add át magad az erőnek!  

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In the autumn of 2014 two guys from budapest, márton szabó and ádám petroczi-farkas founded the band DLRM. After several changes in the line-up, the now four piece group is playing the dirty-sweaty rock'n'roll on stages of hungary and europe alike.

Shortly after the band was formed, they released their first ep called 'dear danube', half year later came 'gypsindie', which the guys took on their first european tour, when they played gigs in cities like london, brighton, nottingham and more. The first two music videos were also finished that year from which 'anthem for the bastion' won the first prize in the song contest of the prestigious hungarian music magazine mno in 2016.

in spring of 2017 dlrm's first lp called 'cheeky pig' hit the shelves, in collaboration with the renowned hungarian producer and sound engineer gábor nóniusz. The album contains 8 songs featuring kind of mixture of genres like alternative rock, desert rock, grunge rock, with elements of punk or psychedelic rock.

By now DLRM have gained a remarkable fan base in their home town budapest, and after the release of 'cheeky pig', they went on tour again in the summer and in autumn, resulting a growing and more intensive audience in france, belgium, germany and the netherlands. During the tours the band hit the stages of paris, lille, amsterdam, the hagu luxembourg, hannover, bremen, bruges, bruxelles, vienna, and also in the more well-known venues of budapest, like akvárium, and a38.



  • Dear Danube EP
  • Gypsindie EP
  • UK Tour
  • Absobloodylutely video
  • 1st prize of MNO's song contest 


  • Cheeky Pig LP
  • Angry Bob video
  • Summer Tour EU
  • Road movie
  • Cheeky Pig European Tour


2018 (so far) 

  • Sold-out tour opening in Budapest 
  • Spring Tour in Europe with 30 concerts 
  • French summer tour 2018




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