Daniel Knox

Daniel Knox

Daniel Knox
Wednesday 20:00
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Daniel Knox

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"Possesses a ferocious talent that lures you deep into his twisted but fascinating world"


"An achingly lovely exercise in vintage, chrome-plated, wood-paneled Americana | 8/10" 


With a baritone as dynamic as it is indestructible, Daniel Knox narrates compositions with a perverse and sometimes comical wit, guiding the listener through sprawling worlds that exist just out of frame.

His work has inspired a diverse cast of collaborators that lie inside and outside his realm of alternative Americana, such as Jarvis Cocker, Thor Harris (Swans, Freakwater), and The Handsome Family with recent performances that include the likes of Rufus Wainwright, Andrew Bird, and Swans.

On his most recent self-titled effort (Carrot Top 2016), he guides the listener through narratives of time travel, middle American abandon, forgotten landscapes and the people who live there. Knox lives and works in Chicago.

On his most recent release Chasescene (featuring guest vocals from Jarvis Cocker and Nina Nastasia), Knox welcomes you into his world, taking the role of both narrator and resident, surrounded by characters from every walk of life - observed intimately from a distance and without judgement.

Support act by Musica Moralia.


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Musica Moralia

Musica Moralia is in its wholeness Éda Meggyesházi. A one-man show with dissected instruments that all know the story of how they have become the companion to experimental post-folk noise and silence. Whether it is the dulcimer or the piano, everything on stage speak for itself, eager to paint a personal story, and change with time. Musica Moralia is wholeness on a planet – might be Pluto with its heart facing us – that circles around listeners, and draws near when nobody listens. A witty, artful movement in space.

Being present for more than ten years in the musical scene of Hungary, Berlin, Rotterdam, started its journey on a two stringed guitar, facing the distant future with curiosity.




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