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Deep Glaze, DLRM

Deep Glaze, DLRM

Deep Glaze, DLRM
Wednesday 20:00

Deep Glaze, DLRM

  • Rock

Combining alternative and classic rock and roll elements with "industrial" sounds, Deep Glaze's strength lies in its authenticity and uniqueness. In their music, one can feel the constant experimentation, which, in addition to the use of elements of Mediterranean music, manifests itself in a mixture of different styles.

Support act by DLRM!


Deep Glaze

Deep Glaze is a young band creating music with mixing both alternative and classical rock musical elements.
The strength of the group comes from the originality of writing their own music and performing them live. During the writing process the presence of experimenting is a key factor. Exploring new sounds, blending different musical genres together makes up the unique world of the group.



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