KoncertClass: Csintalan Márk

KoncertClass: Csintalan Márk

KoncertClass: Csintalan Márk
Thursday 15:00
Concert Hall

KoncertClass: Csintalan Márk

  • Pop
  • Rock

"I'm Márk Csintalan, a guitarist and singer. Many people only know me as a guitarist from various productions, even though since the beginning of my career as a musician I've automatically been singing along with playing instruments. I've been interested in writing my own songs since I was a teenager, but at that time I still felt too young to show it to others which is really me. In 2020, during the quarantine period, I decided that it was time to start creative work.. By 2023, a composition for a smaller album was collected, which was entitled "The First". In terms of their sound, the songs evoke the world of pop and rock, sometimes supplemented with a bit of Latin or individual "Márkos" elements.

At the February concert, György Csintalan will play drums, Máté Harmati will play keyboards, Gábor Fánczi will play bass guitar, and Dávid Kis will play guitar. We scheduled The first c. all the songs on the album, but also some older Bitango songs.

There will also be surprise guests who wouldn't be a surprise if I told you, but the wait is worth it because they will be pretty.

Come, I promise you will have fun! "

The concert is Uptuned! program, with the support of the MOL-New Europe Foundation.

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