ComeOn Rock Band, R.B. Kapitány Emlékzenekar, Pengék és Halak

ComeOn Rock Band, R.B. Kapitány Emlékzenekar, Pengék és Halak

ComeOn Rock Band, R.B. Kapitány Emlékzenekar, Pengék és Halak
Friday 19:30
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ComeOn Rock Band, R.B. Kapitány Emlékzenekar, Pengék és Halak

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Pengék és Halak

The band was founded by Kristóf Kosik, the owner of the legendary purple Gibson of Béla Radics, who died young, and the Hammond used in Balázs Fecó's Taurus. Kristóf Kosik and the band members are all former students of the Kőbányai Music Studio founded by the late Egon Póka. Their goal is to make the musical legacy of Béla Radics, which fundamentally defines Hungarian rock music to this day, become part of Hungarian music education, to be known by the younger generation.

They played music at many festivals, clubs, and cultural centers. On October 26, 2022, they gave a large-scale concert at the House of Hungarian Music, and in December they performed at the Muzikum.

Members of the band Pengék és Halak:

Kristóf Kosik – guitar;

Zoltán Dandó – guitar;

Attila Pécsváradi – bass guitar;

Csaba Papp - drums; 

Tempfli Erik – keyboard;

Viktor Török - vocals;

Tamás Kraft – sound engineer.

R.B. Kapitány Emlékzenekar

Gyögy Molnár is the founder of the band: Béla Radics had a great influence on me when I was a high school student. He was almost the only one who played real rock and blues music in Hungary in the 70s. I started playing guitar because of him. At that time, I saw him playing in the formations Tűzkerék and Nevada in "Melós" in Csepel and in the Cultural Center in Radnót. I stood in the front row at his concerts and tried to listen to his Jimi Hendrix riffs. It was from him that I saw the double stretching for the first time in Hendrix's song Highway Child, which made me so excited that I immediately ran home to Erzsébét to try the technique on my Jolana guitar. To this day, I enjoy playing Béla's songs as an amateur musician with my friends, in smaller clubs and at Radics memorial parties. We want to commemorate his work with our band.

Band members:

György Szadán – guitar, vocals;

György Molnár – bass guitar, vocals;

Czanaki George - drums

Their promotional CD, completed in 2021, contains the recording of the online concert held at the Csili Cultural Center on February 27.

ComeOn Rock Band

The band was founded by guitarist József Tóth "Citrom", who previously played as a member of Grog, Stáció and Tűzkerék Revival Band. ComeOn RB was founded in 2009, its current formation was consolidated in 2019. Their music is based on the progressive rock-blues music of the 60s and 70s. Their program features classic rock-blues performers, as well as Béla Radics' songs and Citrom's previous own compositions. The band regularly performs concerts at summer festivals and clubs. Their first CD was released in December 2021, entitled ...believe me brother, sometimes even I dream.

Members of the band:

József Tóth "Citrom" - solo guitar;

Margit József – bass guitar;

Mihály Reményi "Vinnie" - vocals;

Attila Pertás – drums, percussion instruments

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