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Combichrist (US), Wednesday 13

Combichrist (US), Wednesday 13

Combichrist (US), Wednesday 13
Wednesday 20:00
Concert Hall

Combichrist (US), Wednesday 13

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  • Metal

Known by many as Rammstein's support act led by Andy LaPlegua Combichrist moves huge masses with its strange industrial metal sound that is uniquely kicking in spite of the fact that it has no guitar in its line up. They return to the A38 after four years while Wednesday 13 to Budapest after ten years to make a huge party! 

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Combichrist (N/USA)

Combichrist is an industrial-techno-metal project by the Norvegian Andy LaPlegua living in the USA. Listening to the albums of of this band we can only figure out the tremendous strenth and energy, the surrealistic world of their texts and visuals, the head-tearing bass-sounds of the four-member band. These make Combichrist one of the best live industrial-electro productions.


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