Exhibiton Space


Our Lab’s main idea is to bring together art, science and technology demonstrate how (can) they walk hand in hand along the topics of Augmented Body- Augmented Reality- Artificial Intelligence. We aim to present these concepts one- by one, introduce the hidden possibilities of the augmented world and analyze the subject of artificial intelligence and robotics from an ethical point of view.

In the frame of Trafó House of Contemporary Arts’ smART! XTRA interactive presentation series the evening starts with the dance performance of Barbadosian artist, Valencia James. Founded in 2013, the project brings together experts from the fields of dance, cognitive science, graphics and coding. The project aims towards creating an improvised duet between an AI and a human dancer. The avatar, projected on stage, observes and learns the movements of the dancer, but also extends them with its own variations. Throughout the performance, the distinction between “teacher” and “student” gradually blurs, as the human dancer begins to find inspiration in the avatar’s novel movements.

Valencia’s performance is followed by a 20-30 mins long roundtable discussion about the previously mentioned topics. After the „fix” sections of the night, the audience is warmly welcomed to try out the already seen features: dance with their avatar and scan the installed art piece by János Brückner. 


Udeme ETENTUK // software developer; Co- Founder of Artlocator, Co-Founder & Digital Strategist of smARt est.2015.

Andrea KOVÁCS // cultural program manager; editor of Trafó House of Contemporary Arts’ smART! XTRA series, founder of Let it Be! art agency that develops new interdisciplinary forms of co-operation between different areas of art, technology and creative industries.

Orsi KUZMA // marketing communication specialist; PR & Cultural Program Manager @ Tesla Budapest, Co-Founder & PR Manager of smARt est. 2015.


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