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"Bowie and friends vol. 1: Iggy Pop"

"Bowie and friends vol. 1: Iggy Pop"

"Bowie and friends vol. 1: Iggy Pop"
Wednesday 20:00
Concert Hall

"Bowie and friends vol. 1: Iggy Pop"

  • Rock

After David Bowie's death in 2016, Hungarian musicians decided to rmake a concert featuring Bowie's oeuvre, dedicated to the artist who defines the entire pop culture.

Although the concert was designed for a single occasion, both musicians and the audience wanted to have arousing - so after this second concert this March, we plan to pay tribute to Bowie's work once a year, but also to featuring a major collaborator at the show. For the first time, it will be Iggy Pop, who wrote a Bowie song on his 1977 tour with his keyboard band and then lived in Berlin.

The concert, just like the two times so far, will be unique and unrepeatable; the new sets will follow year after year.

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