Bowie and friends vol. 7: Marc Bolan

Bowie and friends vol. 7: Marc Bolan

Bowie and friends vol. 7: Marc Bolan
Wednesday 20:00
Concert Hall

Bowie and friends vol. 7: Marc Bolan

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After the unexpected death of David Bowie in 2016, Hungarian musicians decided to commemorate one of the most influential artists of pop culture on the A38 Ship with Bowie songs and a concert presenting details of Bowie's life. Although the concert was planned as a one-time event, both the musicians and the audience wanted a fresh start. Therefore, the group decided to come together for one concert a year, but to expand the program with songs from fellow musicians with whom Bowie collaborated. For the first time, in 2018, they performed songs by Iggy Pop, for the second time in 2019, by Lou Reed, at the beginning of 2020, by John Lennon, in the fall of 2021, by Mick Jagger, in the spring of 2022, they performed a selection of songs together with Brian Eno, and at the last concert, in 2023, songs by Bob Dylan were on the show.

On the following evening, in March 2024, the orchestra will perform a selection of Marc Bolan's songs.

The friendship with the frontman of the legendary T-Rex dates back to 1964. Bowie even wrote a song about Bolan in 1972 called "Lady Stardust". In 1977, shortly before Bolan's death, they even appeared in a joint TV show.

The concert, just like previous occasions, will be unique and unrepeatable; most of the set is renewed every year.


András Márton (KFT)

Imre Poniklo (amber smith)

Zoltán Bognár (Gabriella Hámori)

Tamás Martinkó (Lidérc, Róbert Németh's orchestra)

Michael Zwecker (The Poster Boy, Róbert Németh's band)

Balázs Bakó (The Bits)

Marci Székely (Superunknowns)

Robert Robson

Ádám Iliás (Turn Signals)

Nándor Sénás-Máthé (Filc)

Kelemen Angelika (Kelemen Angelika Jazz Quartet)

Vikukel Dániel - keyboards

Marosi Z András – vocals

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