A38 Night/Life

Boston 168 - live (IT), Mesterházy, Dork, Atomik, Gördön

Wedding Acid Group - live, Galactic Jackson & friends

A huge party featuring the great masters of Boston 168 - who are simply the greatest guys from Torino actually - and many-many more who are difficult even to list! Merry ambient, joy, dance, happines on all levels! Join in!

Boston 168 - live (IT)

Mesterházy (HU)

Mesterházy’s passion for collecting records started at the beginning of the 90s and he has been entertaining the lovers of abstract electronic music with this collection since 1993. Among his most precious ‘treasures’ you can find classic jazz pieces, downhearted ambient frequencies, the latest electro sounds and “push da tempo over 200 bpm” breakcore frenzies which, though are at some point only in an experimental stage, mercilessly multiply your heartbeat rate. His varied temperament is reflected by the fact that he has been involved in almost all of the clubs and radios in his country and he spins the records together with a wide range of music performers, such as Ceephax, Dropthelime, LTJ Bukem, Cylob, Andrea Parker, RadioactiveMan, Donna Summer, dj/Rupture, Kid606, Aaron Spectre, Venetian Snares, Fennesz, etc.. In 2000 he started his own underground music club called Syrup, establishing probably the most versatile club of its kind in Hungary. He has been managing the independent electronica netlabel part of the club since 2005.


Among Hungary’s first generation DJs, Dork has been using music and record players as a means of non-verbal communication since 1996. She makes the valuable dimensions of the style evident by moving along the powerful yet meditative boundary of her human-centred techno.

The parties on Frankhegy - associated with her and by now gaining cultic significance -, together with the house-sized raypainting oeuvres she creates as a branch of attendant art have always been motivated by removing the limitations of time and space and by seizing the uplifting experience of transforming the audience into a community.

During her fifteen-year career, Dork has intended her selections to principally serve as a form of therapy, whether appearing at the Tresor Club in Berlin, or the run-down DJ deck of an open-air festival. Be it primary minimal, pitch black or abstract detroit techno, grotesquely outspoken and funny getto tech or energetic chicago house, she aims to reveal common human denominators valid there and then and the day after, emphasising her interaction with and intent towards the public. Her whole attitude holds the sincerest possible distorting mirror to the world of today’s parties that are lost in hollow glitter.

Mesterházi, Dork, Atomik, Gördön (HU)

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