1st Kerekfest - Lashe Shave, Kal (SRB), Bohemians Betyars

Kerekfest introduces, promotes and supports the culture, music other and all artistic activities of the Roma minority in Hungary to wider audiences. The first event is a festival featuring music and art events, as well as a photo exhibition and conferences. Its aim is to present the diversity and current contemporary trends of Roma culture.

17.00 - Opening discussion on segregation, convergence, schools, learning, and advocacy. Participants: Tamás Léderer, József Horváth, Gusztáv Nagy, Gábor Bacsó, Gábor Sztojka

19.00 - Lashe Shave and Kethane dance group

21.00 - Kal (SRB)

22.00 - Bohemian Betyars

Lashe Shave

Kal (SRB)

KAL is the most current production on the world music scene coming from Serbia. The young band completely changes the stereotype on gipsy music. They place traditional gipsy music into a city-sound surrounding with electronic rhythms, turntables, scrathing and enriching it with all other elements of the hiphop culture. All this ends up in concerts with stormy beats and rhythms, exciting, moving, rich and drifting sound that makes you dance.

Bohemian Betyars

A stunning gipsy-punk energy bomb from the weird city of Miskolc. From Bregovic to Gogol Bordello all in one that you can wish for a vodka-fuelled speedy dance.

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