Szotyiparti - Black Nail Cabaret, Yank, Titusz, Djmonogram, IO, Gridscape

A night where the great masters of music fusion, upcoming young titans and the weirdest talents will open you the gates of a new dimension and take you to the most beautiful galaxies. If you don't undestand a word of this, then your place is right there! :)

•22:00 Pølytrøn
•22:45 IO (Milkovics Mátyás Neo)
•23:30 Lucrecia Protellor
•00:15 Black Nai lCabaret
>>iamyank (special set) 
>>Dj Titusz (örömzenél set)
>>DjMonogram (mosolyzenél set)

Black Nail Cabaret

Black Nail Cabaret is a Hungarian synth noir duo from Budapest. Formed in 2008, the group consists of Emese (vocals) and Sophie (keyboards).

Since their debut they had a chance to support the Swedish industrial group Covenant and the German synthpop band De/Vision. They also performed at the RECession Festival in Aarhus, Denmark and on the Schwarzes Leipzig Tanzt X-mas event in Leipzig, Germany. This was also the last show where the band had theatrical performers on stage.

BNC’s debut album Emerald City had been released on the 29th of May, 2012. They are currently working on their second album Harry Me, Marry Me, Bury Me, Bite Me which will be released in the beginning of 2015 by Basic Unit Productions.

Emese participated on the latest album of German mastermind Daniel Myer's experimental electronica project Architect. MINE has been released on the 17th of September, 2013. Sophie recently worked with Hungarian composer and experimental artist Balazs Temesvari, they've performed together with his biodark formation I.O.N and as a new project called ROSINFLUX.

Lucrecia Protellor

A young talent, with extreme power and will, connecting in his music in eclectic sense the worlds of the Radiohead, the Depeche Mode, the Massive Attack, the Justis or the very ambivalent world of the mysterious genoius Beck.


In 2011, after 10 years of being a drummer in different bands he wanted to extend the usual methods of songwriting and soundscapes to catch specific moods more precisely. After finishing imPro Budapest School of Music Technology, he has met the main characters of the Budapest underground music scene and started to make DJ sets while figuring out what sounds, genres, styles fit better to his own musical vision.

After playing at all the main local clubs and at the biggest Hungarian festivals (Sziget, Volt, Balaton Sound), making remixes for well known Hungarian bands he started working on his first release. The first EP, titled 'Cold Summer', was released in 2013 and it got positive reviews from both the audience and critics in Hungary. His fan base started to grow anticipating following releases, so he spent more time on writing songs and released 2 more EP-s in 2014 titled 'City of Nobody' and 'Last Song'. All of them got featured on the biggest Hungarian music sites and got positive feedback as well.
At this point, he has already started building up his live performance show which later gave him the chance to share stage with his biggest inspirations, such as: Mount Kimbie, Caribou, Nosaj Thing, Om Unit, Synkro etc.

In the middle of the year 2014, he started a collaboration with POSSIBLE GAMES and together they worked on an adventure game for his next release. After 8 months of team work, on 2nd of March 2015, iamyank released "Lost Sounds" in an exceptional and unique way: the EP was packed with an iOS / Android adventure game titled 'Adventures of Poco Eco' which got featured on the biggest Hungarian news portal. The feedback was extremely positive: it got featured in Apple Store's 'Best New Games','Editors' Choice' and later it was in the 'Best of March' selection of the store. In the first month, hundreds of articles from all around the world were talking about the graphic and musical world of Adventures of Poco Eco. After the succesful launch party and local Spring Tour he started to plan a Western Europe Tour in July with the IAMYANK LIVE show.

Besides, in the meantime he keeps teaching music production in imPro Budapest School of Music Technology, he founded Unframed Records with AMB and he is also an active member of ASAN Art Community, a fresh member of Selected Sounds crew and teamed up with the greatest local musicians to build IAMYANK LIVE BAND.

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