Besh o droM, Balkan Taksim (RO), Lenhart Tapes  & Tijana Stanković (RS)

Besh o droM, Balkan Taksim (RO), Lenhart Tapes & Tijana Stanković (RS)

Besh o droM, Balkan Taksim (RO), Lenhart Tapes  & Tijana Stanković (RS)
Thursday 20:00
Concert Hall

Besh o droM, Balkan Taksim (RO), Lenhart Tapes & Tijana Stanković (RS)

  • World music, Folk

The A38 Ship and the Besh o droM band appeared on the Budapest cultural palette at the same time 20 years ago. While the ship has been rocking in one place to bring better-than-good bands from around the world to Budapest for almost 20 years, Besh o droM has toured the world during this time. On March 17, after a long time, these two unavoidable Hungaricums will give each other an unforgettable date. The guest of the evening is the sensational Romanian music star Balkan Taksim, known for raising a groovy-balkan storm with their intoxicating blend of sharp contemporary electronic music with Balkan psychsounds & vocals! The night will be opened by Lenhart Tapes & Tijana Tijana Stanković. Lenhart Tapes is a one-man-cassette-tape-manipulator who has been mostly known for his live, striking and unforgettable live performances. He is using samples of Tijana Stanković’s voice who grew up with traditional songs from the Balkans and developed taste in harsh, abstract improvisation which shaped her present repertoire on violin and voice.


A Liveurope concert: the first pan-European initiative supporting concert venues in their efforts to promote emerging European artists. Liveurope is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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Besh o droM

Shortly after the formation of Besh o droM in 1999, it became the most popular band in world music in Hungary. His 10 records have been released so far, and his twisting concerts are forcing a delicate critic and a student who wants to dance. In the music of Besh o droM, Balkan and Hungarian folk music embraces klezmer and swing. It is a compelling and modern world music, it is no coincidence that the band receives a raging reception everywhere from Barcelona to Montreal. A well-known formation of world music festivals is a rare delicacy aboard the A38 Ship.

The formation, which started almost as a family business (the two founding member fronts, Gergő Barcza and Ádám Pettik's brothers-in-law), has now become a well-known style-creating trademark of Hungarian world music. Their musical adventure is in full swing, and their everyday lives are spent in a dialogue that is scattered in three countries.

During the forced rest of the pandemic that erupted almost immediately after the release of the twenty-year-old jubilee album (Besh o droM20), the album’s excellent professional critiques could not make up for the unsurpassed experience of meeting the audience. The slow revival of cultural life is expected with new record material, their momentum is unabated.

In the shadow of war, it’s not easy to forget to make music, dance, or organize and announce an event. During the organization of the concert, there was a need for both the band and the A38 team to respond to the situation. We want to believe that soon everyone can return home, start again, or continue what was interrupted. As a valve, a source of joy, relaxation, and a mental health package, we recommend the concert to everyone in the slow spring.

Band members:
Lili Kaszai - singing
Adam Pettik - singing, canoe
Csurkulya József - dulcimer
Máté Hámori - guitar
Herr Attila - bass guitar
Tamás Gergely Molnár - saxophone
Vilmos Seres - clarinet, saxophone
Ádám Ákos Szumper - drums





  • Bitumen Beat (CZ)

  • Fanfare Savale (RO), Besh o droM


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