Beri Ari és a Pillangók, Clayfeet

Beri Ary, that is Attila Berencsi, singer, musician, painter, entertainer and performer, that is a real all-round artist will give a great and intimate gala concert at this time.

Beri Ary és a Pillangók

Attila Berencsi (Beri Ary)
Musician, artist, songwriter

He was born on 23 June 1967 in Ózd.
He graduated at Secondary School of Visual Arts (Graphic Design), Budapest.

Beri Ary és a Játékos Fiúk
Beri Ary és a Pillangók

Recordings and other publications:
1986 Szerelem első és második vérig (music: László Dés, lyrics: Attila Berencsi)
1988 Mindent köszönök (unpublished album)
2000 Szellők szépe (CD)
2010 Neon dalok (CD and book) – It contains a CD and a book with published and unpublished lyrics and poems he wrote during his career.

Szerelem első vérig (1985) (as Fügedi Ferenc "Füge")
Szerelem második vérig (1987) (as Fügedi Ferenc "Füge")
Hótreál (1987) (as Dávid)
Túsztörténet (1989) (as Zoltán)
Labdaálmok (1989) (as Káli Gyula)
Rabaka (1989) (as Peter)
Éljen anyád! (1991) (as Milán)
Szerelem utolsó vérig (2002) (as Fügedi Ferenc "Füge")
The last buff (2007) (Daniel Richard Kovacs’ schoolwork)

In 1989, he won the “Best Actor” award in the San Sebastian International Film Festival for his acting in the movie “Túsztörténet.”

Television Shows:
XXI. század, RTL Klub (2010) (portrait)
Portré, RTL Klub (2011) (portrait)
Other news of current exhibitions, concerts, etc.

2012 Symbol Art Gallery (exhibition and concert)
Due to the fact that all of his paintings can be found in private collections all over the world, it is impossible to organize exhibitions regularly.
2014 Roham Bar- Nameless Women Exhibition


The new wave, synthpop duo of Budapest was founded in 2014. Their introductory EP (Inbetween) was chosen as Recorder 2014's best Hungarian release. Since then, they have been regularly featuring singles and special-world clips. Their latest video, Barb Wire, was filmed in an abandoned hotel at a romantic venue. At the concert - accompanied by a guitarist, Balázs Söptei (I, Symptom), they present their EP's Lucid, as well as older and surprise figures.

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