Zenére éhesen? Koncert+vacsora az A38 Hajón 2017

Barabás Lőrinc Quartet, SK Invitational feat Ty and Lylit (AT)

The pop-like jazz world of the Lőrinc Barabás Quartet is exciting instrumental music with a hint of electronica, characterized by roguish grooves and pulsating bass runs – the numerous tones of synthesizer and trumpet create a unique musical trend adorned by the traits of the improvisational jazz-rock of the '70s. The other great performer of this night will be the Vienna-New York-located SK Invitational, one of the very best jazz formations in this region building on hiphop, rap and electronika.

SK Invitational's 3rd studio album "Golden Crown" features 16 of Europe's finest musicians and 11 singers and rappers from the USA, UK and Austria including M.O.P., Edo G, Sadat X, Homeboy Sandman, TY, Blak Twang, John Robinson, J Hoard, Lylit, Jahson the Scientist, Horst Raimund and Baritone Mc Kenzie. Stephan Kondert's original compositions have a strong signature sound fusing the wide spectrum of all his musical influences into one. "Golden Crown" focuses on hip- hop in its most open-minded form as well as soulful and funky music elements, exploring new paths in music without losing love for the club and party community. Live effected drums team up with strong horn- & string-parts generating all organic instrumental beats. The "Golden Crown" production introduces a unique experience of raw instrumentals, rap and vocals to contemporary music. SK Invitational shows in an innovative and artistic way how to free hip-hop music from 4/4-Loops and what Big Band-Music should sound like in the age of electronic music.

Line up:
Stephan Kondert (bass/ composing/producing)
Andi Tausch (guit)
Christian Neuschmid (guit)
Matthias "Matt Pedals" Löscher (guit)
Philipp Nykrin (keys & synth-programming)
Christoph Mallinger (violin)
Peter Kronreif (drums)
Andi Lettner (drums & producing)
Fabian Rucker (saxes)
Christian Kronreif (saxes)
Ohrwalder Martin (trumpet)
Bastian Stein (trumpet)
Hermann Mayr (trombone)
Phillip Harant (sax)
Lylit (vocals)
DJ Chrisfader (turntables)

Barabás Lőrinc Quartet

Barabás Lőrinc Quartet found its final lineup in February 2016 with keyboardist Cséry Zoltán, bass guitarist Herr Attila and drummer Nagy Zsolt. Beardance, the first album of the band was released in the autumn of the same year. 

Beardance is trumpeter's sixth album with 11 instrumental, diary entry songs without words. The musical world of the album is varied – while the title track was inspired by American Indian folk music, there are also acrid trip hops and jazzy drum and bass on the record. “Just like the members of the band, the album is also a kind of melting pot of different styles. There're happier and less happy parts. It's a record on the border of jazz, world music and pop,” Barabás Lőrinc says about the essence of the album.

Keyboardist Cséry Zoltán is a member of Patché, he used to be the keyboardist and composer of Special Providence for several years. We can meet him regularly at Random Trip nights. His openness towards pop music is mixed with the expertise of a jazz player, and he is also a master of synthesizers, being a professional in the world of chords and effects.

Herr Attila is mostly known as a member of the group Besh o droM. The surefire bass guitarist has experience in jazz, blues and folk music. He has a balanced view of music, not more, not less than necessary.

Drummer Nagy Zsolt has come from the world of classical music, being the leader of percussions in the Dohnányi Ernő Symphonic Orchestra Budafok, but he has also been playing in other genres, pop and jazz bands for a long time. In this ensemble he can make creative use of his superb technical knowledge and his openness towards various musical styles.

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