New Bin-Jip debute gig feat. Kiégő Izzók, guest: Passed

New Bin-Jip debute gig feat. Kiégő Izzók, guest: Passed

New Bin-Jip debute gig feat. Kiégő Izzók, guest: Passed
Friday 19:45
Concert Hall

New Bin-Jip debute gig feat. Kiégő Izzók, guest: Passed

  • Electronic
  • Jazz

On the 22nd of September the renewed BIN-JIP is introduced on the stage of A38 with visuals by Glowing Bulbs! Come and listen to the new songs of the band's third album "Violectric" which is about to be released soon! Support act will come by the Passed.


Andrew J - turntable, laptop, live electronics
Zsolt Kaltenecker - piano, synthetiser
Zoltán Lantos - violin, voice, live electronics
Pátkai Rozina - voice
Tamara Mózes - voice

This unique trio is pushing the envelope with it's music where the violin's elemental expressive power is met with the keyboard's endless color palette and the virtual universe of live electronics… The interaction of the three musicians takes place at the no man's land of real instruments and digital reality, creating a musical texture that is woven by composed parts and free musical dialogues. The floating presence of the electric violin is augmented with live sampling and manipulated vocals, the DJ's psychedelic grooves and the orchestral structures of the keyboard's. It is an exciting and partly experimental sonic poetry somewhere on the borderline of Nu Jazz, Trip Hop, Minimal Techno and Rock.

Their debut album "Enter" was released in fall of 2010 and their second album "Heavy" in 2014, both by their own label LAB6 in Hungary and by Whereabouts Records in Japan. "Enter" won the Alternative Album of the Year 2011 Fonogram Award in Hungary.
In 2013 the band performed at the Planetarium of Budapest in collaboration with the visual team Glowing Bulbs, who projected their 3D animations on the cupola. The one-of-a-kind show was released on Blu-ray and DVD.
In June 2014 Bin-Jip recorded their single Noway Boy for BalconyTV, which was later selected as video of the month by the New York editors.

Throughout their carrier the  members of Bin-Jip had been working with artists like Dhafer Youssef, Steve Coleman, Erik Truffaz, Hadrien Feraud, Trilok Gurtu, Nils Petter Molvaer, Eivind Aarset and others.


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