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Bad Breeding (UK), Ghostchant

Bad Breeding delivered the loudest album of 2017: Divided is a long-time missed anarcho-punk masterpiece that reflects to it's glorious past while it's actual in all aspects as well. The Guardian, BBC Radio or The Quietus tells the same, and you can see how they unleash hell on our rooftop terrace.

Bad Breeding (UK)

Bad Breeding formed in the winter of 2013 in Stevenage - a commuter-belt town north of London. Drawn together by an enthusiasm for old anarcho and a complete disdain for the misrepresentation of Britain's working- class identity, Bad Breeding is an attempt to call out the rank injustices and political distortion peddled to people existing on the fringes. Made up of friends who muddled together through state school, the band serves as an outlet from the monotony of labouring work and humiliating temp jobs.

The band say of the record, "Divide was put together a couple of months after the EU referendum and particular parts of the record sought to make sense of the confusion and misdirection that was so prevalent last summer. In some ways it’s an attempt to resist the impulse to collapse under the weight of perpetual distortion packaged by certain sections of the British media, but at times we simply found ourselves instinctively lashing out in bewilderment at what was unravelling around us: the division and derision of certain sections of society, the enablement of xenophobia and the continued manipulation of working-class identity by politicians and press organisations alike.

"There are obviously some overtly political points being discussed on the record, although last year presented moments of pretty difficult personal trauma for us too and there are a few songs on the record that try to deal with those things."

Once again the relentless rhythm section drives the sound with guitar work that is squealing and immense alongside vocals that spit bile and razor-sharp lyrics. Standouts include "The More the Merrier" - which sounds like prime Icons of Filth from 1985 whilst last track "Endless Impossibility" is a five-minute-plus dirge that hits hard like Killing Joke but with more noise and chaos. On Divide, Bad Breeding have upped the intensity and made an even stronger album. Rather than being self-released, they have now joined La Vida Es un Mus in Europe and Iron Lung in the States.

Divide comes in a heavyweight reverse board sleeve with artwork and inners by Nicky Rat and Carlos Casotti, alongside the "An End To Silence" essay, written by collaborator and friend Jake Farrell. Read in full
here: www.badbreeding.com.


Ghostchant is an initiative of five, experienced underground musicians from Budapest, Hungary, who gathered together in the winter of 2012 to create aggressive and non-compromising music to pay tribute to their influences drawn from the past three decades of heavy and politically/socially aware underground icons.

From black metal through punk to hardcore, these five gents threw everything in the mix when creating their heavy and distorted sound. Norbert Czetvitz, guitarist of Hungarian flagship doom / death / hardcore band Nadir and Zoltan Jakab, former vocalist of hardcore / metal bands Newborn and Bridge To Solace have been longtime friends and decided in the summer of 2012 to start a band together honouring their friendship and mutual interest in heavy music with a message. The two-man effort quickly transformed into a band with the addition of bassist Daniel Kosa (Nadir, Our Existence Is Punishment, Planet Void) and the drummer of Mate Kocsis (The Idoru). Gabor Nagy (Newborn / The Idoru) joined shortly after to play in a band with Jakab again after the 2002 demise of their influential hardcore band, Newborn.

With two releases under their belt (Slaves EP – January 2014 and a split 7” with Wasted Struggle – August 2014), the band debuted live in December 2014 to high critical acclaim. Early 2015 followed with the band's 2nd EP, Nations and their first trip out of country with Blank from Germany. While the group won’t be a regularly touring band, keep your eyes open for them to pop up randomly here and there.

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