aurevoir, Voodoo Papa Duo

Pub songs and hymns melting together traditions of all European nations into a flammable explosive of merry music by aurevoir and also the bit more bluesy Voodoo Papa Duo.



Voodoo Papa Duo

The Voodoo Papa Duo is made up of two multi-instrumentalist's good-for-good-sounding band, with its overwhelming energy units - Zsigmond (Ex Paganza, Cabaret Medrano, Kittu-Kopott Angel, Stukker) simultaneously playing the harmonica with a minimal drum kit, and Simon Fejér Simon (Ex Deák Bill Blues Band , Spin-worn Angel, Veronaki) plays and sings acoustic and electric guitars.

Voodoo Papa's unique musical world is fed by the common past of the two musicians. During the years of the legendary Kőbányai Music Studio school, friendship became a serious creative process, besides blues, folk music also played an important role in the lives of musicians. Voodoo Papa's spell lies in the power of lyrics - besides musical diversity - poetic, yet simple thoughts reflect today's human vision, everyday problems and emotions - people talk about people and life situations. In addition to the tangled, melodic Hungarian-language compositions, the Rythm & Blues delights of the 60's and 70's are also delighted to be part of the culprit.

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