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We regret to inform you that Anraldo Freire had to cancel his concert at the A38 due to a long-distance travel, the great Impetu quartet is going to play an all night gig instead. All bought tickets are valid, if requested will be refunded at the A38 cashier till the day of the concert. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Samba, bossa nova, jazz, drum ’n’ bass and more performed by a great four-piece band from Hungary. Merry, joyful, funny moods!


The music of South America and Europe merged into one ensemble - probably that's how you can simply define the art of Ímpetu. Samba, bossa nova, milonga and other south american genres combine with jazz and classical music besides such modern styles as drum 'n' bass, jungle, reggae or house.

Line up:
Király Tamás – guitar
Rosecker Péter – drums, percussion
Molnár Tamás – bass guitar
Kovács Dávid – trombone

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