Algiers (US)

Algiers (US)

Algiers (US)
Monday 20:00
Concert Hall

Algiers (US)

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Dedicated gospel-punk - this could roughly sum up the music of Algiers. The band focusing on the most serious social themes swarmed in swirling, pulsating rave-punk hymns and shrill blues-gospels released their second album this year, and on their long-lasting tour they'll also kick Budapest at last. Tickets available from November 24th.

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Algiers (US)

Atlanta has not only given Coca-Cola to the world but also one of the most committed contemporary critics of the Cola-represented ideology: the Algiers band, a genius of punk-pop in the dictatorship of capitalism. The band's name is already a kind of proclamation: it commemorates the French colonial adventure, the Algerian war.

Algiers was founded ten years ago but it became really active when the members moved to London with Franklin James Fisher, lead ideologist and composer. The special production of the quartet - in which the anarchist electro-pulp of Atari Teenage Riot, the blended neo-soul-blues of the Alabama Shakes, the Klaxons' new rave, and beyond what else you wouldn't even think could be mixed brings one of the coolest indie-releases ever heard, their first album issued by Matador.

It is difficult to find more exciting things than Algiers in 2015: the most serious social themes that are overwhelming, twisting, pulsating rave-punk hymns and scattered blues-gospels are quite unique and unprecedented in contemporary pop.

Algiers great success is also proved by the fact that they were the support on tour for the Depeche Mode, with Matt Tong, former member of the Bloc Party behind the drums. The band is not only strong in its message but its music is very special, so it not by any chance that the critics euphorically in favour of their live production. So we can prepare for the first Hungarian club concert of an t6ruly great and very unusual band that will take place at A38 Ship.

Members of the band
Franklin James Fisher: vocals, guitar
Lee Tesche: guitar
Ryan Mahan: bass guitar, keyboards
Matt Tong: age

Algiers, 2015
The Underside of Power, 2017


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