Zoltán Ádám exhibition

Zoltán Ádám exhibition

Zoltán Ádám exhibition
until March 28
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Zoltán Ádám exhibition

Zoltán Ádám: I call you in the daytime, but you don't answer - exhibition opening

Visit by appointment. On view till March 28th 

Zoltán Ádám started this series in 2017, of which the most recent pieces he is now exhibiting. His method is to translate selected verbs from various Bible translations into texts on canvas or other surfaces.

Source of his recent works are: Psalms, Gospel of John and James. Zoltán Ádám quotes radical texts on wealth from the latter. To share what we have, to help those in need, is one of the foundations of the Christian faith.

Adam's images can also be understood as active prayers seeking a stripped-down vase of faith.

Just like in the pieces of the oeuvre so far, and in the life of Zoltán Ádám in general, musicality and rhythm play an important role in the preparation of these pictures. The texts shown have a spatial feel. Playing with dimensions, referring to infinity are expressions of various states of mind: Hymns to God. What Adam experienced at a young age in a community organized through music, he is now trying to relive in the visual representation of lyrics.

There is also a portrait of Luther in the exhibit, not by chance. After all, Luther returned to the sacred text as a pure source. In Adam's exhibited works, he focuses on the use of texts as pictorial elements and symbols to reinterpret Scripture. The Reformation means not only renewal but also reconstruction. Rebuilding to the original bed.

One of the antecedents of the exhibition is László Lakner's series, made in New York in the early 1980s, inspired by the Old Mary's Mourning. Lakner said the metropolitan graffiti culture at the time was strongly influenced by it.

Among the exhibits are some made on carved wooden bowls and oval bases. The surface of these works was carved by a friend a Gypsy sculptor. Adam also creates graffiti-like works by mixing inks of different colors with soap and after they were applied and droes he scratches them to create the image.

Adam's basic question is, do we still have ethics? Do we still have the ability to give? Do we recognize the need around us and are we able to share what we have?

The strange currents, gold lines, scratches, veil patterns in the works make the answer to this question at least uncertain.

Ádám Zoltán

One of the most influential painters experimenting basicly with the figurative expression since the late eighties that is reaching its height and depth somewhere touching the new expressionism of Italian and German masters which come in the high qulity and intriguing work of Zoltán Ádám in a special sense mixed with social situations, Hindy traditions, gypsy portraits and many more.



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