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The Microwaves

The Microwaves

The Microwaves are a Budapest based indie rock band. The group formed during the rocky year of 2020 as a project of lead vocalist, Daniel Bakers solo act, but quickly transformed into an energetic young act. The bands first show at Durer Kert gave a taste of the catchy guitar riffs, gripping choruses and melodic ballads the four have written for their debut album. The band consists of: Plocska Viktor (bass), Fejrvri Balzs (drums), Bertalan Mrton (guitar), Baker Dniel (vocal, guitar).

The band is relatively new, but they already had success at the Flesbagoly Tehetsgkutat at Kobuci Kert, where they won the award for best lyrics and Daniel earned the Siklsi rs award.

Since the start of 2021, The Microwaves released 2 singles. Losing the Signal and doing fine both arriving with accompanying music videos.