Takkra was established in 2013 as an independent hobby project by Dávid Vigh (Turbo songwriter, ex-Carbonfools, etc.). Music with live instruments and electronics, specifically regenerative frequencies, and organic textures quickly found receptive ears, especially within the international psychedelic scene.

The first album, Technicolor Talk, was released in 2016 by American Mindspring Music. By this time, the one-man project had developed into a real band: Mr Dure (Turbo) on electronic instruments, Máté Kocsis (Idoru, ex-Wellhello, Meristem, etc.) on percussion, and Matyi Mohácsi (Idoru, Grand Mexican Warlock, Trillion) on bass. during live performances.

In 2018, Divine Architecture was released under the care of the Danish publisher psy, Iboga records.

The album’s experimental organic sound and spiritual themes have finally flown the formation among the internationally acclaimed psychill performers. The appearance was followed by international festival performances: Rainbow Serpent (Australia), Klika of Happiness (Israel), Ozora (Hungary).

Universal Medicine 2020 has already come out on a label called Iboga Sofa Beats specifically for downtempo genres. As part of the musical experimentation, the album already featured song-like structures and characteristic vocals with the participation of Júlia Szomráky and Kolek Molek.

The pandemic has had a positive impact on creative processes since the fourth Inner Horizons appeared in the summer of 2021. The LP was made in the spring of 2021 on a volcanic ocean island in Lanzarote, in David’s popup studio. Perhaps more introspective, the songs were inspired by the endless horizons, the intense presence of the elements, and the volcanic landscapes of Mars.

The appearance was again followed by summer festival performances, already supplemented by Julia Líbor (singing).

Takkra 2022:

Kolek Molek, Júlia Líbor and Julcsi Szomráky vocals

Máté Kocsis - drums

Matyi Mohácsi - bass

David Vigh - guitars, electronics, etc.

Mr Dure - Electronics

Inner Horizons

Universal Medicine

Divine Architecture

Technicolor Talk" visual album: