Kinetic Erotic

Kinetic Erotic

For those of you who don't know this neo-erotic progressive-wedding music formation, which has been studied by many samba experts, we define it below:

"We love simple, visceral dance music - but we're tired of it being the same. We like complex songs - but a party is about having fun, not about thinking. With Kinetic Erotic, we're looking for a middle way between sophisticated melodies, tricky rhythms, unleashed limbs and sultry nights. We start from jazz to funky, be-bop and afrobeat, all the way to the funky. A mix of sweet eroticism and salty sweat with a touch of spice - just the way we like it."

The three members of the punk-jazz trio, has been all quite active members of the avant-garde jazz scene of Hungary.

Vereb Szabolcs - saxophone - Gentry Sultan and the former Pop Ivan.
Márton Csernovszky -on bass - and Márk Gasner - on drums - from The Best Bad Trip and the Deus Ex quartet.

Their music this time is more danceable, but is not far from the more complex structural elements of experimentation and free improvisation. In their repertoire they complement each other well: the easy, the bitange, the sloppy and the stenk, creating a contradictory mixture of dirty and hot.